Brianna, Senior Portraits, Baton Rouge Photographer

How stunning is Brianna?! She was a natural in front of the camera. We were blown away by how effortlessly she posed  almost as if she wasn’t posing at all! She took it to a whole new level when we left the studio and went into the field. We were so afraid it was going to rain, but it held out and gave us the most beautiful ethereal glow!

Check out for more samples of our work, session options and style tips!

Fall is the PERFECT time to take your senior pictures and sessions are going fast! Call 225-926-6150 to book!

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Family Portraits, Children’s Portraits, Baton Rouge Photographer

It was so special getting to work with Melissa and her two children. I’m lucky enough to know her not only as a client but as  a friend as well. She is such an authentic person and an absolutely AMAZING mom. You can really see the love that she shares with her children and what a beautiful family they are!

Call 225-926-6150 for additional information about sessions or visit

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Sweet 16 Portraits, Baton Rouge Photographer

Nann brought her beautiful daughter in for her sweet 16 portraits this Summer and the results are simply stunning!  We absolutely loved her classic white dress.  It really complimented her tan skin, sun kissed hair and piercing blue eyes.  There were so many beautiful portraits it was hard to decide which ones to feature!  The landscape was gorgeous this time of year and will be looking even more beautiful this Fall.  With cooler weather coming in, now is the perfect time to book your family or children’s portrait session!

Call 225-926-6150 for additional information about sessions or visit

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Christmas Pictures, Holiday Portraits, Baton Rouge Photographer

Fall is around the corner and its not too early to start planning your holiday portraits! Choose from four session options: Classic, On-location, Traditional or Casual Outdoor. All inclusive packages make printing and designing cards more convenient than ever.  We recommend scheduling your session before November 10th to ensure prompt delivery for the holiday season. Cooler weather is finally here and Fall sessions fill up fast (especially after school appointments!) October is almost completely booked. Call our studio at 225-926-6150 for available dates and additional information. You can also visit for samples of our work.

Christmas Email Blast

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Camille, Children’s Portraits, Baton Rouge Photographer

Oh, Camille!  I love photographing this smart, kind and beautiful little three year old.  She is such a special little girl and is a perfect reminder of the wonder and joy of childhood.  Always armed with a sweet compliment and plethora of knowledge she told me on the day we took these pictures that she “really liked my shoes” (old sandals from last year) and that she was having a “birthday party with balloons” and would be turning three that weekend.  Well, Happy Birthday, sweet Camille!  I can’t wait to see you again and don’t ever change!

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Carly, Senior Pictures, Baton Rouge Photographer

What an awesome and unique session this was!  Carly had a super cool boho style that was really fun to shoot.  I’ve always been a inclined to an Urban Outfitters, Free People style so when a senior is as well it makes for a really fun, artsy shoot.  It also didn’t hurt that Carly had a models body and a beautiful face to photograph that the camera just loved.  Doesn’t she look like she should be in a magazine?

Check out for more samples of our work, session options and style tips!

Fall is the PERFECT time to take your senior pictures and sessions are going fast!  After school sessions and holidays are always the first to go.  Thanksgiving week is totally booked and we have only two sessions left over the Christmas break!  Call 225-926-6150 to get booked.

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Madison, Senior Pictures, Jewels Sumner High, Baton Rouge Photographer

Madison looked so beautiful at her senior portrait session this summer!  She has the most piercing deep blue eyes and beautiful dark brown hair.  We loved the jewel tones and pretty pastels she chose for her outfits.  Summer is such a beautiful time for senior pictures but lots of Seniors opt for Fall sessions when the leaves are falling and colors are warm and rich.

We are now booking Fall 2015 sessions AND all the way into Spring of 2016.  If you are involved in extracurricular activities be sure to book ASAP.  We know its hard for you to miss school or practice and holiday and late afternoon appointments are the first to go!  We currently have ONE session left for the week of Thanksgiving break and THREE sessions left over Christmas break.  Call 225-926-6150 to grab one before they’re gone!

Visit to view our latest and greatest work, get style tips and view all of our session options.

Thanks, Madison, for a gorgeous senior session!

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Kelsey, Senior Pictures, St. Amant

I’m so excited to share this post about one of my favorite 2015 Gatorettes!  Kelsey was all smiles and laughs at her beautiful senior session and we are super pumped to have her as one of our 2015 senior reps!  She picked the perfect looks to compliment her summer tan and pretty hazel eyes.  We loved her bright green pops of color and her trendy patterned dress with cutout shoulders.  Kelsey is truly a beautiful girl inside and out and we can’t wait to see her in the Fall for the second half of her Double Day session!

Schedule your Double Day session and get the best of both seasons with Summer and Winter looks!  Summer is almost over!  Don’t wait to schedule your senior pictures!  Even if you plan on waiting till later in the year, Fall books up fast and Spring books up even faster!  Call our studio to get more info or visit for tons of information on sessions, fashion tips and more samples of our work!

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Senior Pictures, Albany, Karigan’s Senior Portraits!

I really cannot say enough about this sweet and beautiful senior who came to us all the way from Albany, LA for her senior pictures this year.  We have been so happy and blessed to have Karigan as a senior rep for Lucketts for her class of 2016.  Not only is she beautiful on the inside and out but she is a beacon of light and joy to everyone she comes in contact with!  She has been an absolutely wonderful cheerleader for Lucketts and for her high school.  Plus, her outfits were totally on point and went perfectly with all of our sets and backgrounds.  I have so many favorites from her session, she is so photogenic and was a real pleasure to photograph!  Which is perfect because I will get to see her again this Fall for the second portion of her Double Day senior session!  Only at Luckett’s can you schedule a Double Day and get a spring/summer and fall/winter session!  That means you get to show off your tan and your cute wintery outfits!  For more info on this session and the other types of senior productions we offer visit  Or call 225-926-6150 for additional information!

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Maternity Pictures, Baton Rouge

I had the absolute joy and privilege of photographing my beautiful baby sister and her growing baby bump just a few weeks ago and I am simply in love with her pictures.  It’s her first baby!  She doesn’t know what she’s having yet and we are dying to find out if it will be a bouncing baby boy or a sweet angel girl.  We get to meet their precious bundle of joy in just a few short weeks (yay!)  We did a little collaborating before we started her maternity session and found that she is drawn to a clean, contemporary portrait.  So we kept things simple and classic with solid backgrounds and minimal props.  I love the intimate feeling of her portraits, just her and her sweet baby bump.  Its quite the miracle.  We snuck outside for the last few shots just for the sake of variety and got some cute, casual shots as well.  I’m so excited for my sweet baby sister, being a mom is such an amazing gift.  Congratulations, Rocky, I love you.

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